Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another day...another dollar...

Ok, so my new job was a position recently created as a full time one. I was hired to help with the paperwork of installing cabinets for commercial jobs. Well it started off with me getting a handle on what was going on and what needed to be tracked. The guy I am working for had done the best job he knew how, to organize the paperwork needed. I even thought that I was getting the hang of things up until today. Then an issue arose that was partially due to me neglecting to add a number to some papers which then led to uncovering a billing issue with the installers which led to a meeting with the accounting head with 4 of us hovering arround a computer screen...which resulted in the assigning of more paperwork to me.
I can explain it like this. I waded into what I thought was a small pool. I tested the waters and swished my foot arround in the pool. The water felt fine and did not move much. Today was like realizing that I had waded in too deep and that the water was up to my neck with a strong current!
Needless to say...I left with a headache. I'll be sure to put my bathing suit on for tomorrow ;-)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Who knew...

Well, when you start out with a plan, you have a pretty good idea of where or how it's going to end up. Of course things will go wrong a little along the way and you adjust your course and keep going. But every now and then you end up where you least expect. I look around at where I am at now in life and I must say..."how the heck did I end up here?" I suppose things could be worse. My career is on hold and I am now working full time as an administrative assistant for someone, which is the kind of position that made me decide to go after my career in the first place. Starting a new job at Christmas is tough when there are so many extra events and activities happening. I suppose this could be a good thing though. No more homework or late nights at school. I can work and come home to be with the kids. Work during the week and play on the weekends.